How to order UL Compliant Labels

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Here at Label-Aid Systems, we are experienced experts at providing all of your UL compliant labels. We are part of the UL Authorized Label Suppliers Program (PGAA), which gives you the confidence that all of our label materials and constructions (adhesives, base materials, laminations, inks, and ribbons) have been submitted to UL for evaluation and meet or exceed UL’s permanence of marking requirements. This allows our customers to display safety information that is required for their end products or simply the UL reference or certification marks on their products, and know that the label will adhere permanently.

Label materials and constructions that are used to manufacture labels for you have been tested in accordance with UL 969, “Marking & Labeling Systems”. This gives you a high level of confidence that the label will adhere permanently to your product, and be resistant to a wide variety of conditions such as humidity, occasional high temperatures, water, sunlight, chemicals and other varying environmental conditions.

What information do I need to provide to order a UL label?

While we could go on and on about the technical details of UL certified labels, we simply need to know the answers to these 7 questions and we can provide you with the appropriate solution!

  1. Will this label just bear (be printed with) the appropriate UL marks only? (No safety related information printed on the label.)  (link here for marks ) If so, contact us immediately… we have the answer… no need to further answer questions
  2. What surface will the label be applied to?
  3. Is the label for indoor or outdoor use or both?
  4. What will we print on the label?
  5. Will you be printing on the label via thermal transfer ribbon?
  6. What temperatures will the label be exposed to?
  7. Are there any special conditions the label will be exposed to? (lubricating oil, gasoline splashing, cooking oil, high humidity, water, Etc.…)

To  order your UL label, please send us a message or call us at (866) 937-1125.

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