Custom Government & Warehousing Labels

Government & Military Labels

  • What size parts are you creating labels for? Are there any custom shapes you can make for government/defense applications?
  • Materials – what materials are best suited for labels/graphic overlays in these applications? What materials can your labels adhere to?
  • Applications – what types of applications can be used here?
    • Medical, aircraft, industrial/manufacturing, Military Batteries, Mine Detection Equipment Batteries, Missile Batteries, Smart Weapon Batteries, Tactical Vehicle Batteries, Target Drone Batteries, Torpedo Batteries, Tactical Vehicle Batteries, hazard & caution applications, warehousing and storage
    • What types of certifications can you meet for government/military applications?
    • What types of products can you offer to military/government customers?


Warehousing/Distribution/Shipping Labels

  • Have you provided labels for a major shipping company that we could highlight on here?
  • Can you create custom shapes for warehouse applications? What size are these labels typically?
  • What materials are best suited for these applications? What materials do your labels adhere to?
  • Applications – What are some examples of specific applications where your labels would be relevant?
    • Shipping applications, rack labels, ISBN book & document labels, inventory, barcode labels
    • Are there any specific requirements your labels need to meet for this industry?
    • What types of products are most frequently used?
      • Industrial labels, labels, graphic overlays, decals
      • What advantages or special features do you offer to your customers in this area? 
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