Custom Battery Labels

Label-Aid manufactures custom battery labels and stickers for industrial, military, and consumer products. Our battery labels and Custom industrial stickers are extremely durable. They have the ability to withstand the elements whether it is water, acids, salts, oils, grease or solvents.

The high opacity, tear-resistant substrates we use for these custom battery labels and industrial stickers come with permanent acrylic adhesives that aid in forming a construction. This adhesive is UV resistant and displays excellent weatherability. The materials, inks and adhesives used to create our custom battery labels and stickers are unique and stand up to the demands of your application.

Common types of materials used for battery labels:

  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Battery olefin
  • Polyolefin
  • Offered in white gloss, matte white, gloss grey, and matte grey.

These materials, adhesives, and inks used to create our custom battery labels are unique and stand up to the demands of your application. Some of those qualities include, flame retardant without releasing toxic halogens, and does not drip (halogen-free), they work well in a wide range of temperatures, both high and low, corrosion-resistant, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, hot acid resistant and are dimensionally stable. They also provide a thermal transfer imprintable quality, are fully recyclable with the battery casing and are electrically non-conductive.

Batteries are used in countless everyday applications, some of those include:

Medical Defibrillator Batteries, Hospital Equipment Batteries, Medical Device Batteries, Patient Monitoring Equipment Batteries, Respiratory Batteries, Surgical Instrument Batteries  
Electronics Computer Batteries, Converter Batteries, Electronic Product Batteries, GPS Device Batteries, Laptop Batteries, Printer Batteries, Portable Printer Batteries, Radio Batteries, Smoke Alarm Batteries  
Backup Power AC Power Backup Batteries, UPS Batteries, Critical Power Batteries, Generator Standby Power Batteries, Power Plant Batteries, Power Supply Batteries, Nuclear Standby Power Batteries, Switchgear Standby Power Batteries, Telecom Standby Power Batteries  
Aircraft Air Ejection Seat, Helicopter Batteries, Airport Ground Support, Aircraft Engine Batteries, Spacecraft Batteries, Aviation Batteries  
Marine Marine Batteries, Boat Batteries, Marine Vehicle Batteries, Submarine Batteries  
Military Batteries, Mine Detection Equipment Batteries, Missile Batteries, Smart Weapon Batteries, Tactical Vehicle Batteries, Target Drone Batteries, Torpedo Batteries, Tactical Vehicle Batteries  
Vehicle Car Batteries, Electric Car Batteries, Car Engine Batteries, Hybrid Car Batteries, Electric Car Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries, Pallet Truck Batteries, RV Batteries, Remote Tire Monitoring Batteries, Utility Vehicle Batteries, Transportation System Batteries, Tractor Batteries, Truck Batteries, Light Rail Batteries, Engine Starting Batteries  
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