Tag Stock Labels

Tag Stock Labels

Information such as manufacturer, item, pricing, and size can help guide customer purchasing decisions as they browse store shelves. Add immeasurable value to your product with durable tag stock paper from Label-Aid Systems, Inc

Tag Stock Applications

Tag paper is a stiff utility grade card stock that is tear resistant and can stand up to frequent handling and bending. It’s often used in applications such as:

  • Consumer product and clothing hanging tags
  • File folders
  • Business reply cards
  • Door hang tags
  • Tabs and divider pages
  • Direct-mail postcards
  • Sales book wraps
  • Timecards

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Choosing the Correct Tag Stock Products

When choosing tag stock for your application, it’s important to determine the needed level of durability, weather resistance, and functionality. Paper Tag stock is available in 100-pound, 125-pound, and 150-pound weights. These weights are determined by weighing 500 sheets of tag in its basic size of 24 inches by 36 inches. Lighter-weight tag stock is ideal for direct mail to save on postage, whereas 150-pound tag stock is beneficial for applications in harsh environments.

Get Creative with Tag Stock Paper for Eye-Catching Labels

Tag stock paper is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, which include squares, circles, and ovals. Each label is created around your organization’s color, logo and usage requirements using close tolerance printing, cutting and assembly techniques. We sell tag stock with and without adhesives.

Obtain the right tag stock with assistance from Label-Aid Systems, Inc. Request a quote to order today!

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