Weatherproof & Waterproof Outdoor Labels

Weatherproof & Waterproof Outdoor Labels

Label-Aid Systems, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of durable and attractive custom waterproof labels and stickers of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Our waterproof labels, also known as custom weatherproof labels are designed and crafted from polyester (Mylar) or vinyl, making them virtually indestructible all-weather stickers. Order pre-printed weatherproof labels with your own design to your individual specifications.

Custom Outdoor Label & Sticker Printing

Outdoor labels and stickers must be durable which is why Label-Aid’s are made from waterproof, weatherproof, scratch and UV resistant materials. These custom printed weatherproof outdoor stickers and labels are ideal for both exterior and interior applications. Our printing methods include flexographic, screen, and digital printing.

Thick ink film thickness creates the ultimate label for outdoor exposure to the elements and best fade resistant process.

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Extreme customized printing and unlimited design flexibility without consideration of the printing process for designers.

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Waterproof Stickers & Water Resistant Label Benefits

Features and advantages of Label-Aid’s long-lasting outdoor labels and weatherproof stickers include:

  • High tensile strength
  • Extreme temperature durability
  • Fade-resistant UV ink
  • Chemical-resistant design
  • Scuff- & smudge-proof design
  • Tear- and rip-resistant construction
  • Strong, permanent adhesive
  • Custom sizes & die cuts
  • Temperatures from 400 degrees to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Label-Aid Systems’ top-of-the-line custom weatherproof products are available as cut single stickers, and a crack-and-peel liner allows for quick and easy application. Durable, fade-resistant UV ink keeps the labels readable for years. The highest quality polyester and vinyl materials create a scuff-proof, smudge-resistant product that resists tears and rips. Choose from a full range of ink colors to customize each product to your satisfaction. Label-Aid’s line of all-weather labels combines excellent durability with a permanent adhesive.

Weatherproof Outdoor Labels

Using premium inks, materials and adhesives, Label-Aid insists upon quality at every project phase to ensure durability. Our sales representatives will help you select the best options for your unique application. Outdoor labels can be successfully applied to plastic, metal, glass, painted surfaces, textured surfaces, and most other substrates. Exterior applications include:

  • Outdoor power equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Motorhomes & buses
  • Safety equipment
  • Windows
  • Sports & playground equipment
  • Outdoor toys
  • Cranes & construction equipment
  • Tractors, mowers & lawn equipment
  • Tools
  • Industrial field equipment
  • Oil rigs
  • Alarm & security system equipment
  • Fences
  • Horticultural & nursery labels
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