Harsh Environment Labels & Overlays

Harsh Environment Labels & Overlays

Label-Aid produces custom harsh environment graphic overlayslabels and decals for your custom application. Meeting the most demanding environmental requirements, we work with you to create the best overlay for your harsh environment needs. Polyester graphic overlays are a great fit for harsh environment applications.

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Harsh Environment Graphic Overlay Features

Delivering performance in the most challenging situations, Label-Aid harsh environment labels withstand a range of manmade and natural factors—from extreme heat/cold and UV exposure to moisture, chemicals, and abrasion. Additional features of our made-to-order harsh environment stickers include:

  • High tensile strength
  • Extreme temperature performance
  • Fade-resistant ink
  • Chemical & moisture-resistant design
  • Anti-scuff design
  • Tear-resistant construction
  • Minimal reflectance
  • Color & image accuracy

Impressive in their durability, Label-Aid harsh environment and outdoor equipment stickers are ideal for use by the aerospace, transportation, electronics, construction, playground & recreation, maritime, and horticulture industries.

r process and 6-color process (photo quality)

  • Optional coatings for temperature, chemical and UV resistance
  • Abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Gloss and matte finishes

Harsh Environment Label Applications

Using premium UV inks, aggressive adhesives, and durable coatings, Label-Aid guarantees quality and expedites time-sensitive orders of industrial stickers as needed. Harsh exposure labels are used for metal, glass, plastic, painted and textured substrates, and most other surfaces. Environmental applications include:

  • RVs & automobiles
  • Buses & fleets
  • Construction equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Playground & sports equipment
  • Tractors & mowers
  • Outdoor power equipment
  • Oil rigs & maritime equipment
  • Fences & buildings

Trust Label-aid for Durable and Long-lasting Solutions

Put simply, no challenge is too difficult for Label-Aid to overcome. Working with industry partners to understand every facet of harsh equipment use, our harsh environment labels and industrial stickers may be ordered with a crack-and-peel liner, or are available as single cut decals. Customized with your message, logo, and colors, long and short-run labels provide a lasting return on investment—whether used for marketing, asset trackinghazard communication, or other applications. Contact us today with your questions about harsh environment graphic overlays!

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