Custom Prime Product Labels

Custom Prime Product Labels

Label-Aid offers destructible vinyl labels, which will be readily apparent and easily identifiable if someone attempts to remove the label. Once a destructible vinyl label is removed from the release liner and stuck it to the surface of the item to be labeled, it cannot be removed without the label tearing into tiny pieces. It is easily evident if an attempt to remove the label has been made. This type of label is also called tamper evident because it will give evidence of label tampering by destroying itself. For labels that display a pattern when tampered with, see Label-Aid’s tamper evident void patterned stocks.

This type of vinyl is white and smooth, with a topcoating that allows for excellent printability in your desired colors. It can also be imprinted using a thermal transfer printer and ribbon, if variable data is desired. Destructible vinyl exhibits low shrinkage and good dimensional stability. A thin facestock and aggressive acrylic adhesive facilitate the desired destructibility of this substrate. The adhesive creates a permanent bond to most surfaces including those with low surface energy (LSE).

If you need a clear material, we carry acetates which have destructible properties but do not work as well as white destructible vinyl.

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What is a prime label?

A prime label is featured on a consumer product, such as a household cleaner or food packaging. The prime label is the main label on the front of the product, and it typically shows off a company’s branding. At Label-Aid, our prime product label printing processes produce cost-effective, high-quality impressions ideal for process work, bar codes, logos, and text. We’re accustomed to printing on a wide variety of both paper and film substrates, and labels come with unlimited personalization and font selection. In addition, custom prime product labels include brilliant graphics and hundreds of hues. And our innovative, high-quality technology ensures that you’ll get the fast, economical results you want, every time.

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Custom Prime Product Label Printing

If you’re unsure of your design and the custom product label printing requirements, Label-Aid Systems’ in-house graphics team can help. Committed to getting you noticed, our label experts design impactful product labels that are entirely unique, flexibly functional and perfect for demanding commercial and industrial environments.

Label-Aid’s premium custom prime product labels are an attractive, functional solution for:

  • Cosmetics and personal care products
  • Beer bottle labels
  • Foods, beverages and water bottles
  • Household products
  • Candles and gifts
  • Promotional products

Supplying custom product labels to the continental U.S., Europe, Mexico and Canada, Label-Aid Systems is dedicated to the daily pursuit of total customer satisfaction. Get a quote today for your prime product label!

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