Medical Equipment Graphic Overlays

Medical Equipment Graphic Overlays

Label-Aid Systems, Inc., an Alabama-based ISO:9001:2015-certified company, manufactures high-performance medical graphic overlays. We manufacture overlays that help to identify your medical device while protecting sensitive electronic equipment.

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Medical Applications

Medical equipment, from the heart monitors used in an emergency room to the thermometers at the doctor’s office, saves lives every day. The life-saving capacity of medical equipment depends on the performance of the machinery. Custom printed medical graphic overlays are manufactured with durable materials that contribute to the longevity of hospital equipment as well as providing quick and easy identification when time is of the essence.

The rugged PVC, polycarbonate, polyester and vinyl materials used for digitally printed or screen-printed overlays prevents moisture, chemical corrosion, and UV rays from damaging medical equipment, thus extending the life of the electronics and machinery. These controls also must be able to be sanitized, while protecting internal control surfaces. Control panel overlays are used for medical equipment but also in a wide range of industries and applications. These include:

Printed Medical Control Panels

A control panel overlay for medical equipment serves as a brand identifier and improves lifespan of the equipment, but also gives the equipment an attractive outward appearance. Label-Aid’s expert team of graphic designers are able create graphic overlays in a variety of colors, company logos, and cutout patterns that fit our customers’ needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss specific requirements of current projects.

Graphic overlay properties

Label-Aid Systems medical equipment overlays consist of:

  • Top substrate, usually made of polycarbonate or polyester, which is five to 30 mils thick
  • Sub-surface ink graphics that are color-matched using the latest computer technology
  • Expert die cutting to critical tolerances
  • Applied adhesive custom-selected for optimum surface adherence

Most of our graphic overlays are sub-surface printed to fully protect the graphics from (1) top-surface abrasion, (2) contamination via spills, grease, moisture, chemicals and dust, and (3) weathering and UV damage.

UV inhibitors may be added to your material selection to increase label life in outdoor or high-light applications and UL materials are available. Your custom Label-Aid graphic medical equipment overlays and front panels can be manufactured from the following materials:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyester (more durable, more chemical resistant, more crack resistant, allowing for many more actuations than polycarbonate)
  • Vinyl
  • Various hard-coat, scratch-resistant materials

Popular Graphic Overlay Features

Customizing each front panel label to your industry and application requirements, Label-Aid’s most requested graphic overlay features include:

Utilizes both gloss and matte texture on the same overlay

Cut for plugs, connectors, pins or actuators

Knockout printing for surface-mount LED indicators

Hidden graphics, with your message appearing when label is illuminated from the back

Accentuates branding and improves aesthetic design

Raised label characteristics that provide a tactile target for actuator surfaces on membrane or sub-surface mechanical switches

Die-inverted or pushed into material surface for aesthetics and feature accent

Provides an optically clear window for textured materials, while retaining the smudge and mar resistance of a textured material

No adhesive around actuators, windows, or dead fronts

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Impeccable customer service is important to Label-Aid Systems. We design, produce and ship our customized medical equipment overlays quickly – even with bulk orders requiring very fast turnaround times. We are known internationally as a top provider of high-quality control panel labels and decals.

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