Label Material Types

Label-Aid Systems carries a vast selection of materials and adhesives to meet a range of labeling needs. In today’s fast-changing marketplace, the need for unique and specific labeling and product marking is more specialized than ever. At Label-Aid, we strive to construct the perfect custom labelsdecals, or graphic overlays to meet your application specifics with custom label substrates and adhesive.

Whether you need a robust polyester decal that withstands years of humidity, rain, and UV radiation, or simple paper product labels with a lifespan of a few months, we’ll suggest the right material and adhesive for the job.

Other Material Options

Other material options include high-gloss papersmatte coated papersdirect thermal imprintable paperthermal transfer paperfluorescent paperslaminated foilsholographic materials, tag stock – with and without adhesive, piggyback papers, and Tyvek.

Just as important as the label material is the adhesive. If you need an adhesive that sticks to low surface energy (LSE) plastics, powder coated metals, textured electronic housings or a simple corrugated box, Label-Aid’s staff can guide you to the perfect material/adhesive combination for your application. To top off the look of your labels and decals, we offer a variety of laminates and varnishes. Whether you require moisture, UV or scuff resistance, or are concerned about thermal transfer printing capability and simple aesthetics, we have the product for you. Our matte varnishes and laminates provide a more subtle look, and our high-gloss option creates a sparkle from every light in the room.

From graphic overlays and die cut adhesives for fire engine exteriors to simple “hello” labels that don’t leave adhesive residue on your favorite leather jacket, we’ve got the material and the know-how you need.

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