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Our customers choose to use graphic overlays when the utmost in durability is required over many years for their OEM and electronics products. Graphic overlays must adhere to the product, survive cleaning and chemicals, and serve their informational intent, over many years. Legibility and clarity are paramount.

When you work with electronic products, it’s important you display safety information and instructions for safe use. There’s a chance your company’s OEM technology features buttons and controls that require labeling. Choosing Label-Aid Systems, Inc. for graphic overlay services is the best choice for your efforts.

What Is a Graphic Overlay?

Graphic overlays are made from sheets of clear material (usually polycarbonate or polyester). Various surface textures can be selected to obtain a certain look, but more importantly, provide various levels of scratch resistance to ensure it’s durability. These sheets are printed and cut in various configurations to adapt to the user’s needs.

Graphic overlays are between 3 and 20 mils thick with the most common thickness being 10 mils. What is unique about a graphic overlay is that the image is printed and reversed on the back side of the sheet so that it is seen through the sheet. The thickness of the material provides a protective layer that is much greater than a product where printing is applied on the top surface. The ink is protected between the material and the adhesive.

Check out our large variety of adhesives that are applied, after printing, to adhere to even the most difficult of surfaces.

Types of Custom Graphic Overlays Available

Graphic overlays are used in a variety of industries such as electronics, security, construction, fitness, medical and entertainment. Label-Aid Systems, Inc. specializes in creating a range of graphic overlays:

Advantages of Custom Graphic Panel Overlays

Choosing Label-Aid Systems, Inc. for custom graphic overlays helps you make original technology look appealing. Our services are also effective for guiding customers on how to operate control settings for a desirable user experience. Making sure your graphic panel overlays stay in place, hold their color and shape as well as remain easy to read allows you to maintain your positive reputation.

Other benefits of custom graphic panel overlays involve adding a level of protection to sensitive circuitry. Depending on the use of your original products, overlays from Label-Aid Systems, Inc. can protect inputs and connections from UV rays, inclement weather, dirt, oil and other contaminants. Our professionals listen to your requests for custom graphic overlays offering flexible options for thicknesses, colors, shapes, durability and dimensions.

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Graphic Overlays

Graphic Overlays

Used as brand identification on OEM electronic boxes, equipment, and machinery, custom graphic overlays are ideal for rugged environments where durability and long-life is a must. Label-Aid Systems graphic overlays and custom faceplates are a versatile, eye-catching way to identify your brand while providing information necessary to the end-user. In addition, our graphic overlays are manufactured to your specifications and are ideal for indoor, outdoor and all harsh environments.

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