Types of Custom Adhesives

Types of Custom Adhesives

Label-Aid is a premier manufacturer of pressure sensitive adhesive labels for a wide variety of products and applications. ISO 9001:2015 certified, we produce custom adhesive labels that meet your exact specifications and match or exceed industry standards for adhesive performance.

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Adhesive Label Types & Applications

Label performance and durability depend on selecting the right adhesive for your application. Product shape, texture, substrate composition, temperature and moisture exposure, and removability are a few of the factors that determine which type of adhesive is best for your particular application. There are four main types of adhesives to choose from:

  • Permanent: This type of adhesive is the most commonly used and the least costly. Removal of this adhesive requires the use of solvent and destruction of the label.
  • Repositionable: This adhesive gives you a window of time to reposition the label before the adhesive sets up. After that time, the application is permanently set.
  • Removable:  When removability is important, this type of adhesive gives you the flexibility to remove a label intact in order to straighten or reuse it.
  • Freezer: This specialized adhesive is designed for use on cold surfaces (below 25°).

Composition & Properties

Choosing the right label adhesive type depends on your application. Before investing in a large run of adhesive labels, it is important to test how the specific adhesive works with your product and label choices. Here are some label applications and the adhesive compositions that deliver performance:

  • Pressure-sensitive labels use a water-based adhesive.
  • Rubber-based adhesives provide quick and secure bonding at a low cost for indoor applications without UV and chemical exposure.
  • Acrylic and acrylic blend adhesives are best for applications where heat, UV, and solvents are present.

Label-Aid Systems Adhesive Labels

Label-Aid manufactures adhesive labels for a variety of uses including:

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