Custom Holographic Labels

Custom Holographic Labels

Product packaging and labeling must be appealing in order to attract consumers. Improve visibility with eye-catching holographic label printing from Label-Aid Systems, Inc. Holographic materials utilize a special foil type and light reflection to create moving patterns. With a vibrant, gleaming surface unlike other labels, holographic materials can add elegance and style to any application. At Label-Aid Systems, we can add a striking and shiny finish to your packaging and create an exceptional look. Our team can print custom logos, text, designs and graphics directly onto holographic stickers and labels.

Holographic materials are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, which include squares, circles, and ovals. Each label is created around your organization’s color, logo and usage requirements using close tolerance printing, cutting and assembly techniques.

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Applications for Holographic labels

Holographic materials are ideal for a variety of applications, which include:

Composition & Properties

Choosing the right label adhesive type depends on your application. Before investing in a large run of adhesive labels, it is important to test how the specific adhesive works with your product and label choices. Here are some label applications and the adhesive compositions that deliver performance:

  • Pressure-sensitive labels use a water-based adhesive.
  • Rubber-based adhesives provide quick and secure bonding at a low cost for indoor applications without UV and chemical exposure.
  • Acrylic and acrylic blend adhesives are best for applications where heat, UV, and solvents are present.

Keep Products Safe With Tamper-free Labels

They are also used to prove evidence of product tampering when broken.

Developed from premium materials, holographic labels from Label-Aid Systems, Inc. help your products stand out from the competition. They are visually appealing, water resistant, durable and have a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-compliant adhesive backing.

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