Labels for Marketing Agencies & Re-sellers

Labels for Marketing Agencies & Re-sellers

Label-Aid Systems, established in 1976, an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, has a long history that we are proud of providing ad agencies and other types of resellers with labels and graphic overlays which they in turn resell. We offer blind shipping without our name, and a total commitment to never call on your end customer. We have also been successful with rep groups, where we handle the accounts receivable and collection, and pay the rep group a commission. In either case, we operate with total integrity respecting the group’s wishes to act as the sales organization for their customer.

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High-Quality Products for All Your Labeling Needs

Our reps sell into the electronics industry and we manufacture graphic overlaysdurable labelsdomed labelshigh heat labels, as well as UL and other certification labels.

With ad agencies, we usually manufacture full color process product labels.

Some resellers specialize in the industrial sector where the entire gamut of all the products we manufacture is utilized.

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