Polycarbonate & Lexan® Graphic Overlays

Polycarbonate & Lexan® Graphic Overlays

Manufacturing labels for consumer and industrial use, Label-Aid specializes in custom polycarbonate graphic overlays for a variety of industries, including OEM, automotive, medical, and marine. Also referred to as trade names such as LEXAN®, MAKROLON, ULTEM, and VALOX, polycarbonate is often a cost-effective choice for custom graphic overlay projects. Whether you are looking for a clear, velvet, polished, or matte appearance, we can create the polycarbonate overlay to fit your appearance. An ISO 9001:2015-certified company, Label-Aid adheres to industry-leading quality management standards that ensure your satisfaction.

Polycarbonate substrates deliver a high-quality look for regular and frequent use. Available in customizable thicknesses, polycarbonate overlays are designed to tolerate demanding environments.

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Benefits of Lexan® Panel Overlays

Customers choose custom polycarbonate (Lexan®) panel graphic overlay designs because they are a tough and aesthetically pleasing addition to machinery and consumer devices. Providing accurate information and streamlining end-user experiences, polycarbonates are a cost-effective way to simplify equipment operation. Advantages include:

  • Custom shapes and die cut designs
  • Ability to weather harsh conditions
  • Unlimited data, serialization and barcodes for each overlay
  • Unlimited personalization of each printed piece
  • Tight-tolerance printing and cut-outs
  • Unlimited color use, including 4-color process and 6-color process (photo quality)
  • Affordable prototyping
  • Temperature, UV and chemical resistance
  • Many gloss, velvet, and textured finished available
  • Windows include wet out windows, colored windows, and other effects

Industry Applications

Trusted by B2B and B2C clients around the globe, Label-Aid Systems manufactures custom polycarbonate graphic overlays for:

  • Electronics
  • Automotive and marine applications
  • Instrument and control panels
  • Keyboards and keypads
  • Business machines
  • Industrial equipment
  • Appliances
  • Fitness and recreational equipment
  • OEM products
  • Consumer products

High-Quality Custom Polycarbonate & Lexan® Products

Learn more about our exacting quality standards or inquire about estimates for your next prototyping or production request!   as well. You may also get in touch with our label specialists online.

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