Custom Asset Tags & Labels

Asset Tags & Labels

Asset labels and tags can be placed on high-value items such as electronics, equipment and machinery so that you know where they are whether they move between locations or stay in one place.

Professionals in all industries can use asset labels and tags to stay organized and monitor valuable items that would be difficult to replace. Thanks to Label-Aid Systems, Inc., you can create your own custom asset tags to stay well-informed on the job.

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What Are Asset Labels and Tags?

An asset label or tag acts as an identification label for physical property. Whether your valuable asset is fixed or moveable, we have a solution for you. Fixed assets are related to the infrastructure of a company building such as signs, lighting systems and machines. Moveable assets describe property unattached to a company building like computers, scanners and furniture.

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Types of Custom Asset Tags and Labels Available

When you need custom asset labels, Label-Aid Systems, Inc. offers multiple options for colors, text, numbers and barcodes. We specialize in providing sequential barcodes for specific and unique identification of assets. Our team will explain the types of substrates we print on for the level of performance you demand.

Our team looks forward to discussing your vision for asset tags. From electronics, fitness equipment, computers or valuable equipment, we’ll create a custom solution for you. Some of the popular asset tags we manufacture are:

We recommend polyester asset labels for indoor and outdoor environments. These solutions are incredibly durable, as they can be laminated to survive scuffs and daily use.

Use this style of asset tag to deter theft. Tamper-evident tags are difficult to remove without leaving a mark on the item. Catch the attention of security teams.

Label-Aid Systems, Inc. offers destructible asset labels that tear into pieces when lifted from surfaces. Labels adhere to surfaces with incredible strength for reliable tracking.

Benefits of Asset Tags and Labels

Asset tags and labels from Label-Aid Systems, Inc. save you time. When you have a large number of assets in your building, knowing the whereabouts of each item allows you to retrieve them quickly as needed. This applies to investments like laptops, medical tools and diagnostic equipment stored throughout your facility.

One of the biggest benefits of asset tags is preventing the theft and resale of equipment. Custom asset tags make it possible to find components, goods and technology that belong to your brand — the labels are difficult to remove and you can investigate when the last time an asset was scanned for updates.

Our asset solutions also help you minimize administrative costs. Rather than have one of your employees track assets manually, you can rely on barcodes to record information instantly.

Delivering the Best in Asset Tag & Asset Label Printing

Delivering the best in asset tag and asset label printing for accountability and inventory tracking, Label-Aid Systems’ asset tracking labels are perfect for identifying computers, scanners, printers, machinery, office furniture, tools and heavy-duty equipment. Available in hundreds of colors, design styles, and numbering configurations, these custom equipment ID tags can also be expedited for clients requiring urgent delivery.

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Want to learn more about how our asset tags work? Label-Aid Systems, Inc. is here for you with solutions that adhere to a variety of surfaces. Identify items in your building thanks to our custom asset tags that are designed to your specifications. Trust the experts that have been in the industry since 1976 to finish your request.

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