Polycarbonate Labels & Overlays

Polycarbonate Labels & Overlays

Label-Aid provides custom, high-quality polycarbonate labels, decals and tags. Polycarbonate is a very versatile durable plastic, which provides great strength at a light weight. Trade names used for polycarbonate include LEXAN, MAKROLON, ULTEM, and VALOX. Polycarbonate is the substrate of choice used for a majority of graphic overlay applications because of its cost versus benefits derived, as compared to other substrates available. A variety of adhesives and adhesive thicknesses are available in combination with polycarbonate to custom manufacture graphic overlays, decals, nameplates, faceplates, control panels, and labels. We also offer a range of textures for polycarbonate substrates, including velvet Lexan labels and overlays. In addition to its use in second surface printing such as with custom graphic overlays, it is used as a laminate to protect labels which are screen printed or digitally printed. Polycarbonate in thicknesses from 5 mil to 20 mil is available in stock.

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Benefits of using Polycarbonate:


  • Excellent color reproduction
  • Easily embossed
  • Clean edges when die cut
  • Various finishes hide scratches well
  • Medical grades available which meet FDA regulations
  • Anti-Fog available
  • Outdoor versions which provide UV resistance and resist yellowing
  • Hardcoat available which improves the materials ability to resist abrasion
  • Superior as an insulator
  • Flame retardant versions are available, recognized by UL, which help insulate against heat and are RoHS, REACH, and WEEE 2006 compliant. Provide heat and dielectric shielding.
  • Non-halogenated versions which do not contain chlorine or bromine are available
  • Good abrasion and mar resistance
  • Good dielectric properties
  • Wide thermal stability range
  • Great optical clarity or clearness
  • Mechanical strength
  • Easily printable
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Puncture resistance
  • Heat resistant
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Good chemical resistance

Polycarbonate Textures

Many textures are available including (Front Texture listed first/Back or Printed Texture listed second):

  • Velvet/Polished
  • Brushed/Polished
  • Polished/Fine Matte
  • Polished/Matte
  • Polished/Polished
  • Suede/Matte

Haze & Light Transmission of Polycarbonate

Haze refers to the amount of light which is allowed (or not allowed) or scattered when viewing through polycarbonate. While polycarbonate can be made optically clear, an effect can be manufactured into polycarbonate that allows for the desire of a haze or frosted look when viewing through the windows of the graphic overlay on certain products. Some of these products include automotive dashboards, consumer electronics, and other backlit applications (Some call this a diffused look or a diffuser). Light can be diffused without any hot spots with percentages ranging from 2% to 90%.

Some considerations to remember, while polycarbonate is a widely used material for graphic overlays, nameplates, and faceplates there are some situations where it may not be the best choice. Polycarbonate is good in all the situations below, but polyester would be a better choice (and more costly) if the situation is extreme. When a switch will be actuated (pushed) often, and a very long life is needed, polycarbonate might crack over time. Polyester provides a much longer flex life without cracking than polycarbonate

  • Extreme chemical resistance
  • Extreme abrasion resistance
  • Long outdoor life needed



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