Sequentially Numbered Graphic Overlays

Sequentially Numbered Graphic Overlays

In the past, it was impossible to print graphic overlays and stickers with consecutive numbers, sequential barcodes, random numbers, different numbers or different images on each graphic overlay or decal because of the high set-up cost for plates and screens. However, that is no longer true. Today, Label-Aid Systems, Inc. has the ability to manufacture consecutive numbered graphic overlays, stickers, and domed labels with a range of features, and with absolutely no plate, screen or set-up costs.

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Some of the features of our variable data graphic overlays include:

  • Serialized (any combinations of numbers or letters)
  • Sequentially numbered
  • Non-sequentially numbered (any combination of random numbers, letters, or even random images!)
  • Barcodes with sequential numbering
  • Barcodes with random numbers
  • Unlimited personalization of images as diverse as you can imagine

Protect your labels from harsh outdoor elements with our UV-inhibiting materials.

These sequentially numbered graphic overlays, decals and domed labels are available in a vast array of materials, including: polycarbonate, polyester and vinyl from 2 mils to 20 mils in thickness, as well as polyurethane domed labels and decals. All label types are available with UV-inhibiting materials for long life in the sun and protection from harsh outdoor elements (rain, snow, etc.).

Depending upon your application-specific needs, Label-Aid can manufacture standard industrial graphic overlays, decals and labels in solid colors. In addition, our team of label specialists can print each of these using photographic-quality printing—with fine vignettes or even photographs.

Digital Printing for Consecutive Number Labels

Digital printing, which allows us to go from art to print without plates, affords the following features:

  • Offset quality graphics with perfect registration (no need for traps)
  • Unlimited data, serialization and barcodes for each overlay
  • Unlimited personalization of each printed piece
  • Resolution up to 230 LPI for process images, fine vignettes and gradients
  • Affordable prototyping
  • Unlimited photo-quality color use, including 4-color process and 6-color process
  • First- or second-surface printing (sub-surface)
  • Ability to print smaller much smaller font sizes

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