Government & Military Labels

At Label-Aid, we understand the challenges of working in government and military spaces. Products need the ability to meet safety and compliance requirements in demanding environments. Label-Aid delivers high-quality labeling solutions for the government and military including graphic overlays, custom labels, and decals. We print products in a range of materials, and to ensure the highest degrees of durability and resistance to the elements, most of our graphic overlay products are printed in polycarbonate.

Government Applications:

We work with a range of government entities for labeling solutions, including:

  • Local/city governments
  • Municipal projects
  • State government
  • Departments of parks/recreation
  • Fire departments
  • Federal government entities

Military/Defense Applications

In terms of our military capabilities, we are able to help with the following:

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Product Overview

  • Indoor
  • Safety
  • High temperature

Government & Military

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