Custom Heat & Chemical Resistant Labels

Label-Aid Systems, a leading supplier of custom labels, decals and tags, offers a wide selection of high temperature labels/tags designed for the electronics, steel, aluminum and machinery industries. Common uses of high temperature labels include product identification and the presentation of safety information. High temp labels must be constructed with durable materials that won’t melt or otherwise disintegrate in extreme heat. In addition, these high-performance products should resist breakdown when exposed to industrial chemicals.

High Temperature Label Types

Label-aid offers high temperature labels in several materials that are well suited for industrial and electronic applications:

  • Thermogard® – This high temperature label is ideal for printed circuit boards (PCB), and is available as an acrylic or silicone adhesive with a paper or polyester liner. Thermogard® labels are halogen-free, are compliant with RoHS and other industry-wide specifications, and are manufactured in a multitude of colors.
  • Tribogard® – A high temperature label option for PCB and electronic components. Tribogard® not only withstands high temperatures and harsh chemicals, but is made with antistatic polyimides. Tribogard labels are designed to resist abrasion and to pass a number of industry standards, including MIL-STD-202G and Notice 12.
  • Metalgard® -- Metalgard® labels are the best option for the aluminum and steel industries. Aggressive acrylic and silicon adhesives withstand up to 300° F, and labeling applications include the marking of coils, tubing and machinery. Metalgard labels are halogen-free, created with environmentally safe materials, and meet all industry regulations and standards.
  • Wiregard® -- Wiregard® high temp labels are created from a durable, flame retardant nylon cloth material and acrylic adhesive. Made to label wire and cable materials, Wiregard labels are designed with ballpoint, dot-matrix or thermal printing in mind. They are REACH and RoHS compliant and meet industry flammability standards.
  • Flamegard® -- Designed to meet UL94 standards, Flamegard® labels are receptive to ink, halogen-free and flame retardant. Common applications for Flamegard labels include the marking of batteries, electronics components and product identification.

Chemical Resistance

In addition to heat resistance, our high-temp labels also resist breakdown when exposed to certain chemicals. The printed circuit board industry uses a variety of cleaning agents, including:

  • Zestron Vigon A201
  • Zestron Vigon N600
  • Kyzen A4625

Label-Aid Systems is a cutting-edge company that prides itself on meeting or surpassing all industry-specific safety standards, regulations and guidelines. Label-Aid products are fully customizable and backed with an industry-best guarantee. Contact us today to learn more!


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