Piggyback Labels

Engage customers and increase workplace productivity with piggyback paper labels form Label-Aid Systems, Inc. Piggyback labels combine two layers. The bottom layer forms the back and adheres to the applied surface, while the top layer can be peeled off and re-applied to another surface. Sometimes called two-layer or double-layer labels, this type of label is dynamic and versatile.

Applications for Piggyback Labels

With a removable top layer and stationary bottom label, they are often used for:Piggyback Label Printing

Our team can create custom piggyback labels that adhere to paper, plastics, cardboard, and metals to custom fit your application. Whether you need clear middle-ply features to reveal additional messaging, instruction as image liner or a pressure-sensitive document label with a carbon copy for barcode scanning, the right piggyback label can help optimize processes and bolster productivity.

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Product Overview

  • Indoor
  • Safety
  • High temperature

Piggyback Papers

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