Polyester Graphic Overlays

While the majority of the graphic overlays we print and construct for customers use polycarbonate as the substrate because it is less expensive, there are very specific reasons that you might choose to select a polyester substrate for a graphic overlay as a better alternative. (Some refer to polyester as Mylar, which is a DuPont tradename).

When would I choose a polyester overlay?

Some of the reasons to choose a polyester nameplate substrate include:

  • The flex life when actuating a switch is much greater, about 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 actuations, which is ten times greater than polycarbonate. (actuate or actuations refers to the number of times an embossed button is pushed)
  • Much greater chemical, acid, and solvent resistance
  • Better scratch resistance
  • Generally tougher and more durable, and available with an additional hard coating to make it even more durable and scratch resistant. If you need the strongest most resilient substrate we offer, polyester is it.
  • The choice for extremely harsh environments
  • Usually a better outdoor choice, except where salt water exposure exists

Some applications where polyester graphic overlays shine:

Things to keep in mind with polyester materials & substrates:

There are some reasons to consider a polycarbonate overlay rather than a polyester graphic overlay. Keep these in mind when selecting your overlay material.

  • Polyester has limited thicknesses available (.005”, .007”, .010” for indoor applications and .006”, .008” for outdoor applications)
  • Polyester also has limited textures when compared to polycarbonate, although most are pleased with the options that are available)
  • It is not flame retardant

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Product Overview

  • Indoor
  • Safety
  • High temperature

Polyester Graphic Overlays

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