Custom Tamper Evident Vinyl Labels

Label-Aid’s collection of security labels includes tamper evident void labels. When peeled, this label will display the message “VOID.” The adhesive separates from the backing to reveal a positive VOID on the item’s surface, while this message appears in reverse on the label itself. Once the custom void sticker has been peeled away, it may not be re-applied or re-sealed, indicating it has been tampered with. Unlike destructible vinyl, custom void sticker may be wrapped around a sharp edge such as a closure seal application.

Tamper evident void labels have a polyester face sheet and can be overlaminated for extra protection for indoor or outdoor use. Permanent acrylic adhesive sticks well to most surfaces including those that are low surface energy (LSE) and high surface energy (HSE). Tamper evident void labels come in white and silver substrates, with a corresponding VOID pattern in white and silver. Any custom size or colors are available.

Durable Security Label Applications

These durable security labels are most commonly used in the following:

  • Property and asset labels
  • Closure seals
  • Warranty seal labels
  • Void if opened labels
  • Security seal labels
  • Safety labels
  • Calibration labels
  • Any label identification where it is a must to know if an attempt to remove the label was made
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