Thermal Transfer Papers

Create high-quality, long-lasting labels with thermal transfer paper from Label-Aid Systems, Inc. Thermal transfer paper is specifically coated to except ink transferred from a ribbon onto the label face through a heat process. The result is crisp, high-definition images of the highest quality perfect for demanding environments.


With durable and wear-resistant properties, thermal transfer paper is ideal for long-term storage product identification such as barcode labels. Typical applications include:

  • Cold storage or freezers
  • Laboratory specimens
  • Extreme heat
  • Critical asset tagging.

Thermal Transfer Paper Gallery

Thermal transfer paper labels used along with wax or wax/resin blended ribbons allow for unlimited application opportunities. Variable barcode, sequential numbering, asset tracking, warehouse identification, or even variable image printing are some of the options available. Backed with a variety of adhesives, such as all-temperature adhesive, highly aggressive permanent adhesive for textured and low surface energy applications, or removable adhesive used for temporary labeling applications Label-Aid Systems has a label and ribbon combination to fit your needs.

Create labels that last longer and stand up to a wider variety of environmental conditions than those printed with ink with rugged thermal transfer paper from Label-Aid Systems, Inc.

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Product Overview

  • Indoor
  • Safety
  • High temperature

Thermal Transfer Papers

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