Digital Printing on Labels & Graphic Overlays

Digital Printing on Labels & Graphic Overlays

In addition to offering screen printing and flexographic printing, Label-Aid also offers digital printing services. In the digital printing process, images created with a graphics software program such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign are sent directly to a print engine. The image is then transferred (printed) to a substrate without the need for plates or screens. Digital label printing is also called “direct from file to print” or “direct from art to print.”

We are one of the few companies in the country offering digital printing for graphic overlays!

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Affordable Short Runs with Many Copy Changes

  • No minimums, so you can affordably order exactly what you need, including prototypes
  • Elimination of set up costs
  • Inventory reduction at lower cost
  • Rapid turnaround times

Extreme Customized Printing

  • Unlimited variable data on each item including sequential/random serial numbers, serialized bar codes, etc.
  • Unlimited personalization on each piece printed, changing graphics, etc. (every image different in some way, every other image different, every fifth image different, etc.)

Offset Quality Graphics

  • Unlimited design flexibility without consideration of the printing process for designers
  • Perfect registration, no need for traps (traps are an overlap of abutting colors to eliminate unsightly gaps between colors in printing processes which have variation. Digital provides perfect registration.)
  • Unlimited number of colors without any added cost for those colors
  • Ability to print very small type and reverses with no filling in
  • Allows process images (pictures) on graphic overlays
  • Great for vignettes (A vignette is gradual fading away of the tonal or color area until it completely blends into the unprinted area.)

Where Digital Printing Performs Best:

  • Unique, complex designs that screen printing would never do well
  • Process color, pictures, vignettes (screen printing does not do these well)
  • Small runs (complex designs or ordinary spot color overlays)
  • Small runs, with many different copy changes (complex designs or ordinary spot color overlays)
  • Any size run with many colors
  • Any design where variable serialization, variable barcodes, or variable personalization is needed

For very small runs done extremely quickly, we offer laser die cutting which requires no tooling cost or delays.

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Comparing Flexo vs. Digital vs. Screen Printing Methods

For more information into our printing process capabilities, visit our blog where we compare our printing methods. When you offer us an opportunity to serve you, we consult with you about which process yields the best cost/benefit for you. We are experts at guiding you to a solution that meets all your needs!

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