Custom Asset Tags & Labels

At Label-Aid Systems, our custom asset tags and asset labels are the ideal way to manage capital equipment, electronics, power tools and other valuable inventory. Printed in vibrant colors with text, barcodes and sequential serial numbers, custom asset labels come in a variety of to withstand the requirements of your work environment—whether it’s an office, warehouse or high-traffic industrial facility.

Equipment & Property ID Labels

Label-Aid Systems’ custom asset tags and asset labels are pressure and heat sensitive, manufactured with an aggressive, easy-to-apply adhesive. These property ID tags can be printed on the following high-performance substrates:

  • Premium PolyesterUsed to identify equipment, electronics, and fixtures in standard office environments, these economical custom labels are covered with a clear over-laminate to safeguard against scuffing, mild chemical application and everyday wear-and-tear.
  • Tamper-Evident Labels: Trusted to manage both indoor and outdoor equipment, this tamper-evident design is ideal for identifying items that have undergone misuse or unauthorized acquisition/transfer. Labels are covered with a clear over-laminate, which protects them from scuffing, tearing and mild chemical damage.  
  • Destructible Vinyl: Virtually impossible to remove without damaging the printed area, destructible vinyl asset labels are designed for high-security theft and tamper protection. Labels break into small, unidentifiable pieces when pulled away from their original surface application.

Delivering the best in asset tag and asset label printing for accountability and inventory tracking, Label-Aid Systems’ asset tracking labels are perfect for identifying computers, scanners, printers, machinery, office furniture, tools and heavy-duty equipment. Available in hundreds of colors, design styles, and numbering configurations, these custom equipment ID tags can also be expedited for clients requiring urgent delivery.


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